As a wedding speeds towards us and the start of a new chapter coming, my beloved and I have been looking at different rental properties. With both houses and apartments are on the options list, we’ve picked up some valuable tidbits about each other left and right.

For starters, I don’t play hardball so well. I love everything, as long as it’s clean. I am a sucker. I’ve also learned that I’m fairly cheap. I’ve gotten really used to not paying rent. I am not looking forward to changing that. ‘C’ is more prepared for that and thinks I’m hilarious and slightly ridiculous when I panic every hour or so. He is not wrong.

Secondly, I am extremely optimistic about our lifestyle. Glass half full is an excellent way to describe me. Whether it’s a ridiculously small living space or completely dysfunctional kitchen, I have a slightly manic “we can do it!” attitude. We don’t have that much stuff right? We can make that work, easy. I’m fairly certain this stems from the differences in our last living situations. The last apartment I lived in was beyond tiny. You could fit a twin sized bed in the bedroom, but not much else. There wasn’t even room in that apartment for a stove. We made do with a camp stove. My other half, however, was last in a two bedroom, two bath 1,100 square foot space with decent amenities. And he wants the same or better for the new place.  Who could blame him?


One of us is clearly more selective than the other. Clearly I need to raise my standards a bit.

In this case, I’m glad my fiance is more discerning than me. We can design and DIY our way through a lot of things, but I’m glad he realizes the things that I will pitch fits about later, even when I pretend I’ll be fine. Instead, I’ve moved straight into nesting. I may not want to work on any of my other current projects or work on my To Do list, but antiquing for furniture for a home we don’t have yet? Sign me up. I have ideas overflowing and bulletin boards that reflect that, both real and online. I can’t wait to begin.

How do you react to a house hunt? Anyone else love everything they see? Let us know in the comments below.

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