It’s officially been one month since the wedding (closer to two actually), and I think C and I can finally breathe for a second. Whew! The past few months have revolved entirely around the wedding, with a dash of getting moved into a new apartment thrown in just for spice. It’s been an absolutely crazy time, but I feel like I can speak for both of us when I say that we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Littenberg Wedding-441

Fabulous photography courtesy of Mary DeCrescenzio with Southern Jewel Photography

I had certain ideas loosely formed about my perfect wedding before the planning process started. I think that’s true of most girls actually. I’ve been watching shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ for years, long before I had a potential fiancé (and later, with Chris, who was delighted to watch every time, I’m sure. Sorry dear).  I’m a girly girl, no denying. I love flowers and jewelry and everything about weddings. I think I have cried at every wedding I’ve ever attended. But for my own, I was a little more lost when it came to the details.

I had vague ideas on my dress and on my style. Beyond that, I had Pinterest. I think the biggest launching point for the themes of the wedding came from going through my boards. I hadn’t been pinning things specifically before the engagement, but I did have a whole bevy of posts saved about paper flowers. I was obsessed. I love flowers and I loved the idea of making our own centerpieces. Who wouldn’t love roses made of your favorite novel? But would that be enough color for me? That led me to think on Theme Number 2, which comes with backstory…

Chris proposed with hand drawn splash comics that he and a friend collaborated on. We got back from a comic convention and he had the proposals set out on a fabulous new drafting table that he’d snuck into my parents living room. We walked in, Bam! He was kneeling down behind me. They’re currently framed and hanging in our hallway. The drafting table is in the loft upstairs.

Littenberg Wedding-13.jpg

The proposals displayed at the entryway to the wedding. Photography by Mary DeCrescenzio of Southern Jewel Photography

Comics are a big part of Chris’s life. He has hundreds, possibly thousands and can tell you all sorts of tidbits about all sorts of universes. We’ve gone to Heroescon in Charlotte every year of our relationship and I’ve slowly learned more about ‘that world.’ I don’t claim to read comics now, I usually wait for the movie to come out, but it speaks to me and my love of books.  I started thinking about doing bouquets that combined my love of books with his love of comics.

I showed all my paper flower pins to Chris and we started throwing around the idea. They’d have color, they’d tell a story and they fit US!  No one who knows us can claim we are not extremely geeky. The biggest doubt came from how time consuming they would be. Each flower takes roughly ten minutes to make, give or take. They must be traced, cut, curled, and then glued. Multiply that by the hundreds and you’ve got a major undertaking. Chris swore to help, and we made a couple of test flowers. We were hooked. They were super budget friendly, and carried the added bonus of being something that could be done completely beforehand. I am the crafty one of my family, no one wanted me to be running around trying to arrange flowers and tables two hours before the ceremony. (Here I insert major props to my now-husband, our wedding planner, and our family and friends: our wedding day was fabulous and you all did a wonderful job of keeping me out of the details. Bless you all. I was absolutely in bride-land).

So there you have it: we had a theme of sorts: vintage geek. The romance of times gone by with the quirky touches of all of our favorite things. Our wedding truly had a bit of every facet of our personalities: old time vintage meets Star Wars and Harry Potter.

And now, I get to share some of the fabulous photos our photographer, Mary DeCrescenzio of Southern Jewel Photography captured of our special day. It truly wouldn’t have been the same without her!

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