Finally Friday: A Week of Realizations

Ever have one of those weeks that feels super long and super short all at one time? The definition of this week in my world. I gotta say though, it’s been a good one! Here are my takeaways from this week:

1)  Last night was the first night I can say I felt the first little tingles of fall coolness. Bliss. I can’t wait until the leaves start changing! And just think: the day is coming where a person can walk outside without sweating in creases they didn’t know they had. What a novel concept!

2) Growing up, I was the child in our family who was most into sports. This may seem laughable to some because I am soooo un-athletic, but let me bring you more amusement: I had NO idea how truly dedicated someone could be to sports. None.

I’m a football widow. Before my wedding, my father joked that this was going to happen because my husband is so very dedicated to sports. I admit I did not take him seriously. I did not realize how many months of the year can involve football. 

I figured Sunday’s, some Monday night football, voila. I could handle that. Boy, was I naive. Preseason. The combine. The draft. Fantasy leagues. Never mind college ball. How do people do this? Every year? Does this not exhaust your nerves? Bless it. I can’t. 
But, let it be said, because I will be disowned, Lets Go Buffalo! Go Tigers! 

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

2) I think I’m developing an obsession with pancakes. It’s extremely random to talk about, but I want them on a daily basis, if possible. Add chocolate chips to them, you have my heart. And my fork. I am eating them as I type. No regrets.

3) Yesterday was September 1st, and even though it’s been 19 years, my brain still immediately went, “I could be getting on the Hogwarts Express right now.” I’m so thankful for books and stories that take you to a whole other place. I’ve used them to escape since I was a child and truly couldn’t imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t had this series. Mischief Managed indeed.

I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts letter. Photo credit:

5) Most of this week was spent working on jewelry things. We were privileged to be able to work with Dana Augustine and create some amazing pieces for our guests. I love the way jewelry (and interior design) is intensely personal for people. 

Some of yesterday’s creations. Both pieces were designed using the stone(s) from existing pieces and were restyled into these gorgeous styles. 

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