2017 with a Vengeance 

Just a quick drop by to assure everyone that I still exist and I’m still ready to rock this year. After some careful thought I decided to take a step back over the holiday season and try to simplify. Working in retail, last year felt like I missed out on some of the most important aspects of the holidays and I wasn’t ready to do that again. Now that Christmas has passed and New Year’s and this year’s snow day… I feel ready to attack what’s coming in 2017 with a vengeance. 

Today is my best friend’s birthday and to celebrate we are going thrifting to find treasures for her new house. Who else can say their Thursday will be this fun?  

Photo cred to Google

2 thoughts on “2017 with a Vengeance 

  1. Good to read your update. I’m thinking of painting on wood and have some extra planks that can be sawed for that purpose. Do you know if after cleaning the wood block do I need a primer or something to protect the front? I will use acrylic paint and a palate knife to try first. Give me your thoughts. 🖌


    1. I’m not sure if you’d need some sort of primer, but I could see that helping to make sure the paint doesn’t absorb into the wood too quickly. I honestly think it depends on what type of effect you’re aiming for. I’d love to see how the piece ends up!


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