The Year I Discovered Halloween

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been big on Halloween, at least not since I stopped trick-or-treating. I am a shy introvert who is scared of people in masks. I don’t like scary movies. I can’t seem to be creative about costumes. Other than chocolate…  this holiday and I have never especially jived. Halloween is my sign that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.  That being said, I feel like this is the year, we’ve discovered each other.  I wore a legit costume, not just a cape thrown over all-black clothing. We hosted a small party this weekend. We are heading to a friend’s house tonight to see some actual trick or treaters. I decked out the interior of the apartment. I give myself an B+ for this year’s holiday.

And now I feel like I get it.

We had a lot of fun. Here are some photos of a few of us celebrating (last minute selfies because I 100% didn’t think about documenting. Shout-out to our prepared friends) and the Halloween decor we embraced this year.


Next year I will not only embrace costuming more… I will take more photos. Sorry to all the fab costumes that we forgot to document! And thanks to everyone who could join and help us eat all that food and play irreverent games!

Happy Halloween!

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