Meet Moqq

Photography by Mary DeCrescenzio through Southern Jewel Photgraphy

I started Moqqup Studios with the hope of inspiring someone, somewhere to make their home a personal haven. In architecture and design, it’s common to create a ‘mock up’ of buildings and spaces before beginning construction. I’ve gone by the online tag ‘moqq’ since I was in college. It’s a play on my first and last name that has since morphed itself into my brand. My entire life, I’ve tried to surround myself with art and design. It’s been glorious so far. My goal is to share takeaways and tips with the world in the hopes that everyone can have a space they adore. Design isn’t about perfection; it’s a process, and it should be fun.

I spent my childhood addicted to HGTV and constantly rearranged my Barbie doll houses. Later, I attended the Greenville Fine Arts Center majoring in visual arts and then earned my BFA in Interior Design from Winthrop University. I’ve since gained experience from two top firms in Greenville, South Carolina, as well as one of the nation’s top jewelers. With such incredible experiences under my belt, I’ve worked to create my own brand and personal aesthetic. I hope to continue growing by connecting with clients across the globe to create the spaces and art that most speak to them.

Don’t be a stranger; feel free to send questions, comments, and requests anytime!


Moqq aka Mollie

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