Bathtub Envy

Day one of the new year, and I feel like the season rushed right by me. Lights, gifts, baking, decorating, not to mention work and wedding planning… I’ve got to say, I’m in the mood to just press ‘pause’ and escape. Does anyone else just need to stop time for a bit? To distract myself from new year organization goals, I’ve been trolling for my dream bathroom. So far I’ve discovered that I have a problem… I love them all!

Take a look at these truly drool-worthy spaces and tell me you don’t want to run away from home too.


Fenwick Company Interior Design

I mean really? Who wouldn’t want to spend all day soaking while surrounded by that gorgeous tile?

Evens Architecture

That view though… need I say more?

Stephen U Olsen Jr – Stine

This bathroom really just makes me feel like a character from a Jane Austen novel. I picture Lizzy Bennet hopping into one of these in her new home at Pemberly.

Winn Wittman Architecture

I’m pretty sure I’d never leave my bathroom. Can we add a mini fridge and my iPad? See y’all in 2017.

Saint Dizier Design

I’m really not sure I have words for this tub. I just want to sigh when I look at this space.

To sum up: I’m having some major green-eyed monster issues to kick off my new year. Sure, resolutions were made, a major cleaning spree is on the horizon, a New Years kiss was had, but mostly… I just want a bubble bath.

Happy New Year everyone!

Layer, layer, layer

As the seasons change and move into colder months, we start the habitual dig for extra scarves and sweaters. This same concept of layering is important in your home. The way to create a dynamic space is to give a blend of textures and materials. Mix your woods with metals. Don’t be afraid to put a stripe next to floral or ikat. Your home will be more interesting and versatile for it.

This beautiful living room by Andrew Flesher at looks lush and cozy

This beautiful living room by Andrew Flesher at looks lush and cozy

(Added bonus: mixing textures, colors, and materials makes it easier to later reuse pieces in other places. That pillow from the living room looks more natural in the bedroom…great! When your pieces are already eclectic, you have mixing options.)

The rules for layering patterns and textures in your home are similar to those for your body. Everyone channel your inner Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (shout-out to ya’ll for teaching me to dress myself). Remember¬†The Rules? When mixing patterns, keep the colors similar, though they don’t have to match exactly.

Color layers on color with this Kim Armstrong space at

Color layers on color with this Kim Armstrong space at

Consider scale. Small scale patterns such as clustered polka dots placed next to another small scale pattern like pinstripes will likely be too busy for your eye and lose appeal. Try pairing small scale with medium or large.

Next, pair organic with inorganic to add interest. Too much floral is not what anyone wants. Your house is not a garden. Geometric patterns can be friends with floral. Have fun with design and with pattern; don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

Your home will thank you for it.

Dress Your Dining Room… Literally

Dress Your Dining Room by Moqqup Studios

Dress Your Dining Room by Moqqup Studios

Ever find yourself at a dead-end trying to design a space? It’s a common thing, no worries. One good way to help inspire yourself is to step into your closet. Go pull out your favorite outfit. The one that fills you with confidence, makes you feel absolutely yourself. That’s your style. Your fashion sense is applicable to your home also. Welcome to your personal design palette.

-Side note: If you don’t have a full outfit you’re willing to dress your space in: don’t panic. Pick out your favorite pieces. Belt, blouse, dress, ring, whatever. Find your common elements. you tend to keep picking pieces with lots of detail, lots of color? You love black and white? You’re very comfort-oriented? Find your main squeeze and go forth!-

I’ve made a sample collage here. This girl (let’s name her Lucy) loves her black lace cocktail dress and her Christian Louboutin’s. That bracelet is her pride and joy. I’d say her style is very classic with vintage elements. She likes the bold and labels are important to her. The line and shape of a piece is just as important as the pattern for Lucy.

For her dining room, I stuck with bold jewel tones with metallics. The table has sleek modern lines but is paired with a traditional chandelier. ¬†Lucy’s dining room makes a statement, as does every piece in it. Individually, and as a whole, these pieces are showstoppers. Paired with luscious raw silk draperies, a metallic painted ceiling and a dramatic patterned wallpaper, Lucy’s dress comes to life and starts hosting its’ own dinner parties.

Which well-loved outfits do you have waiting to inspire your own dream home design?