What is eDesign?

eDesign is a simple way to create your dream space by using Moqqup Studio’s design savvy and know-how without contracting a full-service project. eDesign is a new trend that allows you the flexibility to customize your space while still being able to get your hands dirty in the process. Moqqup Studios can help you through an initial consultation all the way to a full monty shopping list. This process ensures your eDesign is completely individualized to your specific style, space, and budget.

How do I start?

First, pick your options. eDesign can be as simple or thorough as you’d like. Choose the service that best fits your needs below:

A “Concept Board” Consultation – This option is best for a client who is looking for a completely executable design. Included is a Concept Board with photos of selections, a detailed shopping guide with links and prices, a floor plan with furniture placement instructions, and additional written guidance along with tips on how best to utilize your Vision Board.

B. Skype In-Home Consultation – I recommend this option for clients who just need overall design advice or need to run design questions past a professional. This option includes a 1 hour Skype session with email and Pinterest/Houzz communication. It includes 2-4 follow-up emails from Moqqup Studios regarding any items discussed during the consultation. Skype consults are scheduled by appointment. You need a laptop or other suitable portable device in order to give a tour of your space as well as Skype capabilities.

Skype consultations do not include visual boards or any specific product sourcing. This is a guidance option, not a step by step source. If, after the consultation, you decide you want to add more, that can always be arranged.

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