Velocity is based off of the density and speed of objects in orbit. Restaurants revolve primarily around the kitchen. It is the central object of the orbit. Velocity is laid out according to the importance (i.e. frequency) of their relationship to the kitchen – their “velocity” or “orbit.”

The main floor houses the kitchen and bar primarily. It also includes a public and private dining section as well as restrooms. The kitchen is a two story structure that can be seen from across the restaurant. Glass and Livinglass materials are used throughout the space to add drama as well as privacy. The second floor mezzanine is primarily dining space with a private dining room and large rest room. This restaurant is a space that focuses on adding drama and flow to every meal.

Velocity floor plan 1

Velocity Floor Plan Level 1


Velocity floor plan

Velocity Floor Plan Level 2

Velocity Entryway

Velocity Entryway

Velocity perspective 2

Velocity Bar Area

Velocity perspective 3

Velocity Dining Area

Velocity elevation

Velocity Bar Wall Elevation

Velocity elevation 2

Velocity Private Dining Room Elevation


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